23 July, 2013

1913 Project

The Western Branch recently handed over our panel for the 1913 'Tapestry' to Padraig Yeates and Brendan Butler.  At the Knitting and stitching Show Mari got details of the project and at our meeting we decided we would like to take part. Angela Keane came to visit us in the spring and gave us a most interesting talk about the Lockout itself and how it was being interpreted through the Tapestry Project. The panel we got to work on was a representation of the Manchester meeting. We were given a paper printout with suggested fabrics, a bag of fabrics and the hessian/linen background onto which the picture was drawn. 

Over the following months the picture emerged as figures were appliqued and hair was embroidered. Colette and Johanna attended a workshop in Liberty Hall and out of that came the suggestion of making small group onto a vilene foundation and then applying them to the larger picture. This meant that more than one person could work on it at a time. When all the figures and flags were done the lettering at the top was embroidered. The title panel will be embroidered separately and applied later.


Mogs McDonnell was our rep who went to Arás and Uachtaráin on July 10th where Michael D welcomed representatives of the various groups working on the commemoration of the Lockout. I'm not sure when the full 'tapestry' will be unveiled. Ours was one of the last panels to be given out so it must all be nearing completion at this stage. Well done to all involved. With the short time frame not all who wanted to get involved could, but the piece goes forward as a work done by the Western Branch of the IPS.

We will let you all know when the Tapestry is completed. Can't wait to see the finished work, it will be a very interesting view of history through the medium of textiles.



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