10 October, 2009

'Surfaces to Paint' workshop with Fabric Gallery, Bray

Our October workshop was delivered by Gwen from Fabric Gallery in Bray, Co. Wicklow (http://www.fabric-gallery.com/). We began the workshop with a piece of plain white fabric. We started with the paint straight from the jar and made a mark. We then added water to dilute the paint, starting with a 75% paint to water solution and continued making marks and adding water until the colour ran out. We continued using different paints and then applied a base coat to see how this changed the results. We then tried out the same effects on different fabrics. Our final piece was great fun as we played around with the different paints and stencils. This workshop was very informative and our samples can be mounted on cardboard or put into a logbook for future reference.

By Lynn Naughton