24 July, 2013

Researcher Marybeth Stalp at The Quilt Shop Tuam 24th to 27th July 2013.

We received the following message from Roisin McManus of The Quilt Shop Tuam. Anyone interested should contact Roisin direct at  087 6292886.

Hi Quilters,

I have invited Marybeth Stalp to the Quilt Shop this week. She is arriving today. Marybeth is an American Sociologist (and a quilter). She is in Ireland for the last eight months talking with women who craft. She has written a book on American Quilters and is researching to see what is similar and different here. She has interviewed quilters in Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Donegal and lots of other places in between. I thought it might be nice if we could be included as part of her research. We have a great community of quilters in the West. If you haven't crossed paths with Marybeth already during her stay in Ireland I would be very grateful if you would agree to meet her so that her time here will be as valuable to her as possible. I have a timetable for the next four days, Wed to Sat, starting at 10am in half hour intervals until 12:30 and again from 2pm to 5. Please let me know if I can schedule you in.

Thanks a million, Roisin

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