29 January, 2012

Thanks Giving

On Thursday 24th Nov 2011 Margaret ,Ester and Sally headed to Campbells Tavern, Cloughanover, Headford to celebrate “Thanks Giving”.

There wasn’t a turkey in sight as Willie had given Mogs Mc Donnell free rein of the lounge for the night. We came in on a cold and very windy night to a pub that was full of beautiful quilts and we had one mighty show and tell. All the ladies groups that Mogs works with, showed one beautiful quilt after another. Niamh Langan’s quilt “The Ties That Bind”which was featured on the front of the catalogue (remember the pink doc martins) for the Links exhibition looked great hanging on the wall.Mogs showed us her own lovely work “The Children of Lir” that she made for the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.

Everyone had tea and lovely homemade apple pie and cream to mark the day even the men playing cards were treated to some also.

 Thanks to Mogs for a lovely  “Thanks Giving”.

Written and Photographed by Margaret Cunnane.

23 January, 2012

January Meeting and IQFOI Sewing Bee

The Western Branch of the IPS met most recently on the 14 January 2012.

We had a very educational meeting that all members enjoyed. Our guest speaker was Elaine Dobell, a physical therapist, who discussed several helpful points to keep our back and joints healthy while quilting. Thank you, Elaine!

Our shop this month was Seams Sew Simple by Lynn Naughton. As it is a new shop, we were all very excited to see what fabrics she would bring with her. We were not disappointed!

The Western Branch IPS members brought with them their completed quilts for show and tell. They were all beautiful!

Following Elaine’s presentation, the members creating IQFOI panels gathered for a sewing bee to work together on their panels. Members interested in sewing for the afternoon, but without panels, began making quilted flowers for the IQFOI garden.

Our next meeting is 11 Feb when our guest speakers will be the Athone group who will give us a show and tell. Again, the afternoon will hold a chance for IQFOI panel sewing, so bring your supplies!

Next month we will hold a New York Beauty Workshop hosted by Tracy Wilson on 12 Feb 2012. For the workshop, you will need to bring the following materials and supplies:

Fabric: bring a couple of fat quarters of your background fabric, plus a variety of scraps at least 3.5 inches wide. Include complimentary and contrast colors.
Sewing machine (and knee lift if you have one)
Scissors (fabric and paper)
Rotary cutter
Cutting mat
Iron and ironing board
Thin paper or tissue paper for piecing foundation
Sticky paper tape
Extension lead
The instructor will also have handouts, block designs and extras. Each pack will cost 5 euro in addition to the cost of the workshop (25 euro).

10 January, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

Welcome back everyone after the Christmas holidays. Our January meeting takes place on Saturday 14th.

Guest speaker: Elaine will talk about exercises for quilters!
Shop: Lynn Naughton will bring her shop 'Seams Sew Simple'
Workshop: Stay for an afternoon sewing our panels for the Western Branch display at the IQFOI and/or 3D flowers for the Quilted Garden display at the IQFOI.

Requirements List for February Workshop "New York Beauty" with Tracy Watson

Photo shows Tracy with a bag made from "New York Beauty blocks".

Here is the materials list for the New York Beauty Workshop in February (Sunday workshop).

For the workshop you will need to bring the following:
Fabrics - a couple of fat quarters in the colour you want as background, plus a variety of scraps from which you can get long strips of at least 3.5 inches wide. Include complimentary and contrast colours.
Piecing thread
Sewing machine - if you have a knee lift please bring it as it can be quite useful, don't worry if you don't have one.
Normal sewing kit, including fabric scissors, pins, rotary cutter, small rotary ruler and cutting mat
Iron and ironing pad.
Thin paper or tissue paper for piecing foundation.
Sticky paper tape / drafting tape.
Fabric and paper scissors.
Soft pencil

Extension lead

I am not sure what time you run your workshops over, but I would normally expect to run this over 10am to 4pm.I also prepare a pack of handouts, block designs and extras, but the extra printing and copying does mean I have to charge and extra €5 per pack.