18 May, 2015

Western Branch Exhibition 2015


Western Challenge

Western Challenge 2015

The challenge this year was for our members to make 'Fidget' quilts. These quilts will be donated to The Alzheimer's Society after they have been displayed at our exhibition. Congratulations to Jackie O' Toole on winning the trophy, with her beautiful Scotty Dog quilt.

March 2015 and April 2015 Branch Meetings and Show and Tell.

March Branch Meeting and Show and Tell.
Thanks to Ann Marie Hobbs for a fabulous workshop.
Thanks to all our members for sharing their work. Including:
Sheila Mangan, Linda McMulkin, Jackie Mackie, Anne Marie Horan, Nessa McMahon, Cathy Fallon, Vera Buckley, Mary Brady, Mary Madden, Sally Marrable, Marion O' Brien, Teresa Donnellan, Sandra Getty, Mari Moran and Lynn Naughton.

 Ann Marie Hobbs Workshop.


April Branch Meeting and Show and Tell
Thanks to Ann Fleeton, who gave a most informative talk on her quilting and provided a fantastic workshop for our members
Thanks to all our members for sharing their amazing work. Including: Sandlin Poth, Madeline Jordan, Jackie, Susan Joyce, Jackie Hogan, Nessa McMahon and Shanna Corrigan.