19 March, 2011

Comfort Quilts for Japan appeal

Western Branch member Sandlin Poth recently received an email from her friend Sandy Shigeno (who compiled the pattern for the Bible Studies quilt that Sandlin is working through with her group) about an appeal for donations of comfort quilts for those affected by the recent earthquake in Japan which was featured on a Japanese blog. You might like to consider sending a quilt to this appeal? For more information see http://tttl1998.blogspot.com/

This Japanese quilter also has a photo of the bible studies quilt in a previous blog post if you'd like to take a look:

Lacemaker, Veronica Stuart, will give a talk at NUIG on 28th March

Thanks Agnes for letting us know about an upcoming talk due to take place at NUIG on 28th March by renowned lacemaker Veronica Stuart as part of a programme of events for Year of Craft 2011.

For more information see the Galway Advertiser article at


March 2011: Guest Speaker - Cecile Flegg

Our guest speaker for the March meeting was Cecile Flegg from Donegal. Cecile brought a fantastic selection of quilts to show us so sit back and enjoy the following photos (kindly taken by Sandlin)

March 2011: Cecile Flegg demonstrates the use of Shrinkey Plastic

Cecile uses Shrinkey Plastic to create texture in her quilted bags. So she showed the group a quilted piece before heat was applied with the iron. The piece then shrinks causing the quilted fabric to scrunch up.

And here's a bag she made earlier!

March 2011: Show and Tell

At the March meeting lots of members brought along completed projects to show the group.

The Octagon quilters recently made some bags with Brenda Maloney of Clew Bay Quilting (www.clewbayquilting.com) in Westport.

Aine showed this completed quilt.
Marilyn showed this hand project.
Sandlin made this Hungry Caterpillar cot quilt.
and this t-shirt quilt.

Margaret has been making patchwork balls recently with great success.
Sally showed the back...
and the front of her jigsaw quilt.

Veronika made this child's quilt.
Monica showed the quilting on the back...
and here's the front of her 'Stack and Whack' quilt.
And here's another quilt by Monica.
Madeleine showed this lovely 'Convergence'-style quilt.
And here are a selection of bags completed after the February workshop with Linda McMulkin (www.ragsforlinda.com).
And a big round of applause for our 'beginners' who aren't beginners anymore! This is the quilt they have been working on together in their classes with Margaret and Anne Marie. Well done to all involved!

March 2011: 'Trip around the World' workshop with Cecile Flegg

Cecile showed the style of quilt planned for the workshop. First step is to choose your fabrics in a pleasing range of colours.
The strips are sewn together.

Lynn works at cutting her strips.

Cecile shows her tips for ironing the seams.

A tube is formed.
Here are some of the quilt tops in progress.

16 March, 2011

Octagon Quilters 20th anniversary exhibition in July 2011

Westport Quilters’ anniversary celebration

The Octagon Quilters of Westport, County Mayo, are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the group by holding an exhibition of members’ work at the Custom House Studios, The Quay, Westport from July 7to 31 inclusive.

The Studios are open from 10am to 5pm on weekdays and 1pm to 4.30pm on weekends and bank holidays. Admission is free.

Founded in 1991, the group holds weekly meetings in Westport and organises, workshops, exhibitions and an annual charity project.

For further information please contact secretary Mary Ayres on email: mayres1@eircom.net

02 March, 2011

Upcoming March workshop "Trip around the World" with Cecile Flegg

Cecile Flegg from Donegal will be our guest speaker at the March meeting on Saturday 12th. In the afternoon she will teach a workshop on "Trip around the World" (see photo above).

As previously announced due to the short notice, the price for this workshop is an exceptional 10Euro! Contact Sally Marrable as soon as possible to book your place (members only).

Cecile sent the following email to tell us what materials are required:

10 dark: 8'' x 40'' (width of fabric WOF) (quilt centre)
1 dark separate to the quilt centre dark: 8'' x WOF (1" border)
1 light: 5 yards x WOF (back, outer border and binding)
5 dark: 9'' x 10'' (leaves) optional

I have about 3 or 4 kits for this Trip Around The World quilt shown above. It has everything in it except the wadding.

Don't forget to bring your rotary cutter, cutting board, matching thread, sewing machine with leads, iron & ironing pad,glasses if you need them and lots of craic!

Really looking forward to meeting you next week. We will have a lot of fun at the workshop.