27 April, 2013

Madeleine Jordan – A truly inspiring woman

Madeleine Jordan was the guest speaker today and all I can say is that she is ‘some woman’. Madeleine and her trusty assistant (her daughter-in-law) came laden down with an enormous array or quilts, wall hangings and other small items that she has made over the years. 

Every single piece that she showed to us had a story to go with it. All I could do was look on in amazement at the wonderful work that she has produced over the years. Many of the pieces were completely hand quilted and all of her work was stunning. 

Her attention to detail and her diligence in researching the subject of her projects shines through in the finished articles. There were so many pieces that I don’t think we actually got time to see them all and we could have dedicated the whole of the meeting to Madeleine, her life and times and her quilts. 

I could have happily listened to Madeleine talking all day, she is like a breath of fresh air and her vitality and energy to do what she so clearly loves doing is astounding. Well done Madeleine's and thank you for such a wonderful and inspiring talk, it definitely gave me the kick that I needed to get started with the needle and thread again.

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