29 September, 2010

Beginner's workshops continue in October

Those who attended the 'Beginner's Workshop' in September learned how to construct a 'four-patch' block. They were given a stack of four patches to do as home-work.
In October, participants will learn how to construct a 'half-square triangle' block. Home-work will involve putting both blocks together to form the above 'Jewel Box' block.
In November the class will learn how to make sashings and borders and will be shown how to pin and quilt.
In addition to making their own individual table-mat, participants will complete a small quilt which will be raffled amongst them when it is finished.
If you are a new member, but missed the September workshop, don't worry....Anne Marie and Margaret will be happy to welcome you into the October class and help you 'catch-up'!
Tuition is free, but you must be a member (for insurance purposes). There may be a charge for materials once all costs have been accounted.

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