29 September, 2010

American Quilt group would like to meet you!

A group of approx 24 American quilters from a variety of quilt groups is visiting Ireland and it was suggested they meet us when they come to Galway. The tour is being organised by quilter, teacher and author Chris Lynn Kirsch. You can read about her work and some other tours she has organised at http://www.chrisquilts.net/.

Veronika is coordinating a group of Western IPS members to meet this tour-group for coffee at Glenlo Abbey Hotel on 19th October to share ideas, techniques and designs. If you would like to come along and bring some of your work to show and tell, contact Veronika at our October meeting (Sat 9th Oct).

1 comment:

  1. Hi Veronika! i would love to join you at Glenlo Abbey Hotel on the 19th!
    See you Saturday!