21 February, 2013

Terri McNeill Tessellations Workshop

Those of you lucky enough to have been at a Terri workshop before know what a good teacher she is. So on Friday night I was a good student and cut all my pieces in preparation and anticipation. It was a good move.                                           

On Saturday afternoon 12 of us gathered for the workshop and there was a great spirit of camaraderie and co-operation in the room. “Need that ironed? Here let me while you get the next one done....” You know the sort of thing. For some of the participants who hadn’t done an IPS workshop before it was an eye opener about how relaxing and positive an experience it was. No doubt some of that was due to Terri’s presence, but also I think it was because we knew we had Sunday to continue the work with less rush.           

Saturday afternoon was taken up with laying out and SHUFFLING fabrics around in preparation for sewing. If you were stuck there was always someone to look at your choices with a fresh eye and say “Why not move that one there to there?” With Terri ever vigilant in case of any impending disasters, we sewed one block to see how it goes together and left ready for action on Sunday.             

On Sunday we continued making the blocks. There was a bit of head scratching as we wondered if we were putting the right fabrics in the right places. It certainly helped to have clear contrasts between adjoining fabrics. Veronicas contrasting red and white really stood out, Mogs’ batiks were very subtle and ‘boggy’.             No matter what the choices however, it took plenty of concentration. Once again it was amazing how different  the same pattern looked depending on your choice of fabrics. As the afternoon wore on, row after row was completed with little whoops of ‘Row 1 done....row 2...row 3....etc’. As the photos show, there was great variety in the finished projects. We look forward to completed tops (not necessary quilts) at the next meeting or maybe May. Personally I did express out loud the thought that I might use mine for the Hospital Quilt drive. The response of a person who shall remain un-named ‘Are ye mad?’ caused me to reconsider. There is a lot of thought and effort involved in the tessellating of the blocks. So I have reconsidered and am delighted to say I have an appreciative home waiting for my completed tessellations quilt.                 

Thanks to all who attended the workshop and thanks Terri for a very enjoyable workshop.
PS: did I mention the gingerbread? ....I didn’t mention the gingerbread made by Mary from Susan’s recipe?....OK.. ... Quilters do not live on fabric alone,...there has to be cake. We’ll see about posting the recipe in the food section...hopefully it won’t lead to too many fat quarters among the membership!

Anne Marie Horan         

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