26 February, 2013

1913 Tapestry Project

Angela, our guest speaker from the 1913 Tapestry Project, explained the origins and history of the Lockout at our last branch meeting, and then told the story through slides depicting the various scenes that have been designed for the ‘tapestry’. To learn more about the project, you can visit their website or view the video below.

Techniques being used by other groups include appliqué and embroidery to translate a conceptual sketch into a tapestry panel.  It was great to see shots of the various groups in action and of the fruits of their labour. The choice of fabrics needs to reflect the colours of the times and it was interesting that the designers/artists added women to some of the scenes. 

 After her presentation Angela unfolded ‘our’ panel. It is of a public meeting, with a podium and crowd gathered in front.

Angela also provided us with a paper pattern with samples of suggested colours and fabrics. Best of all we also got a bag of suitable scraps.

At our last meeting Ann Fahy had kindly donated a box of fabric pieces and scraps. A lot of them were plain colours and having grouped them in similar coloured bundles many of them were snapped up. This left some of the duller bundles which of course may be perfect for the muted colours needed for the 1913 panel. The Panel will be brought to next month’s meeting and a rota organised with members for completion. We need to hand it over in July and members agreed to work into June to complete the project. There was great excitement in the room at being part of recording history. Over the years the members of the Western Branch have worked on many different group projects so I look forward to the co-operation to come.    

Thanks to Angela for taking the time to travel down to us and we look forward to the work.

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