21 January, 2013

November Branch Meeting

The Western branch of the IPS had a particularly fantastic monthly meeting in November.  Our meeting focused on local talent with a particularly extended member show and tell session as well as a trunk show hosted by the Ready Thready Sew group from Tuam and the local shop, Fluffy Sheep Quilting.

Several members came to the meeting already wearing their October workshop bags.  Looking good, ladies!

Raffle tickets are now available for this spectacular quilt.  Don't miss out on getting yours!

We have challenged one another to finish off our UFOs by this spring.  Each member, then, brought in a UFO to show the group with a promise to have it quilted and bound by May.  We look forward to seeing these finished off at our AGM meeting!

Our guest speakers, the Ready Thready Sew group from Tuam, presented an incredible array of quilts showing the talent and creativity of each of their members.  They even brought little dolls and basket liners!  What a treat!

Please do not forget, branch members, to make a child's quilt for donation to the hospital at the May meeting.  Keep working on those in your cold, dark, January evenings. 

Many thanks to Ester for providing many of the photos in this post.

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