29 January, 2012

Thanks Giving

On Thursday 24th Nov 2011 Margaret ,Ester and Sally headed to Campbells Tavern, Cloughanover, Headford to celebrate “Thanks Giving”.

There wasn’t a turkey in sight as Willie had given Mogs Mc Donnell free rein of the lounge for the night. We came in on a cold and very windy night to a pub that was full of beautiful quilts and we had one mighty show and tell. All the ladies groups that Mogs works with, showed one beautiful quilt after another. Niamh Langan’s quilt “The Ties That Bind”which was featured on the front of the catalogue (remember the pink doc martins) for the Links exhibition looked great hanging on the wall.Mogs showed us her own lovely work “The Children of Lir” that she made for the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham.

Everyone had tea and lovely homemade apple pie and cream to mark the day even the men playing cards were treated to some also.

 Thanks to Mogs for a lovely  “Thanks Giving”.

Written and Photographed by Margaret Cunnane.

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  1. It looks like you girls had a great time. Love to see more of these events happening.