10 January, 2012

Requirements List for February Workshop "New York Beauty" with Tracy Watson

Photo shows Tracy with a bag made from "New York Beauty blocks".

Here is the materials list for the New York Beauty Workshop in February (Sunday workshop).

For the workshop you will need to bring the following:
Fabrics - a couple of fat quarters in the colour you want as background, plus a variety of scraps from which you can get long strips of at least 3.5 inches wide. Include complimentary and contrast colours.
Piecing thread
Sewing machine - if you have a knee lift please bring it as it can be quite useful, don't worry if you don't have one.
Normal sewing kit, including fabric scissors, pins, rotary cutter, small rotary ruler and cutting mat
Iron and ironing pad.
Thin paper or tissue paper for piecing foundation.
Sticky paper tape / drafting tape.
Fabric and paper scissors.
Soft pencil

Extension lead

I am not sure what time you run your workshops over, but I would normally expect to run this over 10am to 4pm.I also prepare a pack of handouts, block designs and extras, but the extra printing and copying does mean I have to charge and extra €5 per pack.

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