02 March, 2011

Upcoming March workshop "Trip around the World" with Cecile Flegg

Cecile Flegg from Donegal will be our guest speaker at the March meeting on Saturday 12th. In the afternoon she will teach a workshop on "Trip around the World" (see photo above).

As previously announced due to the short notice, the price for this workshop is an exceptional 10Euro! Contact Sally Marrable as soon as possible to book your place (members only).

Cecile sent the following email to tell us what materials are required:

10 dark: 8'' x 40'' (width of fabric WOF) (quilt centre)
1 dark separate to the quilt centre dark: 8'' x WOF (1" border)
1 light: 5 yards x WOF (back, outer border and binding)
5 dark: 9'' x 10'' (leaves) optional

I have about 3 or 4 kits for this Trip Around The World quilt shown above. It has everything in it except the wadding.

Don't forget to bring your rotary cutter, cutting board, matching thread, sewing machine with leads, iron & ironing pad,glasses if you need them and lots of craic!

Really looking forward to meeting you next week. We will have a lot of fun at the workshop.


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