19 March, 2011

March 2011: Show and Tell

At the March meeting lots of members brought along completed projects to show the group.

The Octagon quilters recently made some bags with Brenda Maloney of Clew Bay Quilting (www.clewbayquilting.com) in Westport.

Aine showed this completed quilt.
Marilyn showed this hand project.
Sandlin made this Hungry Caterpillar cot quilt.
and this t-shirt quilt.

Margaret has been making patchwork balls recently with great success.
Sally showed the back...
and the front of her jigsaw quilt.

Veronika made this child's quilt.
Monica showed the quilting on the back...
and here's the front of her 'Stack and Whack' quilt.
And here's another quilt by Monica.
Madeleine showed this lovely 'Convergence'-style quilt.
And here are a selection of bags completed after the February workshop with Linda McMulkin (www.ragsforlinda.com).
And a big round of applause for our 'beginners' who aren't beginners anymore! This is the quilt they have been working on together in their classes with Margaret and Anne Marie. Well done to all involved!

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