18 November, 2014


A fabric exchange exhibition to take place at the 2015 Festival of Quilts.
This is a collaborative exhibition between three European Guilds, Austria, Latvia and Ireland (the Irish Patchwork Society).

If you would like to be part of this exhibition, please contact the International Rep Loretta O'Brien. 
Information about the challenge:

  • 20 persons from each guild will take part.
  • Each participant to make one quilt in Portrait orientation (30cms wide by 50cms long).
  • Each participant to put together a fabric park of 1 fat quarter and 2 fat eighths for exchange with other guild, this pack has to be with the International Rep (EQA Rep.) no later than the 24th November 2014.
  • Each participant will receive one fabric pack no later than their January branch meeting.
  • Each participant to use the fabric in the pack and can add up to three additional fabrics.
  • Each participant has total freedom to use any techniques to interpret the theme.
  • Each participant to keep a 3cm square of each fabric used in the quilt (this will be used in conjunction with their "Artist Statement" for the exhibition (what your thoughts of Distance are and why you partook in the event).
  • The quilt to be with the Rep. by 29th May 2015.
  • Each quilt to be of three layers and the binding can be shown if the maker likes.
  • Each quilt to have a sleeve fully across and to be 2cms from the top of the quilt and 2cms in from each edge.
  • The sleeve should not be visible on the right side.
  • A name address and contact number label on the back lower left as you look at the quilt.

A downloadable version of this form is available if you look under the "Retreat Weekends, Competition and Exhibition Entry Forms" Heading on the right-hand side of the blog page.

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