17 June, 2012

Western Branch at the IQFOI 2012

The International Quilt Festival of Ireland was all the buzz in Galway from 8-10 June.  As it was a local event for the Western Branch of the IPS, our members participated as volunteers, in donating quilts for exhibition or to give out information at the IPS booth in the hopes of recruiting new members.

As there were thousands of visitors flooding into Galway that weekend, there was great press coverage.  You can view the RTE Nine News coverage by clicking here and hear the RTE Countrywide Radio interview here.  If you are not interested in hearing the full program, move the cursor through the timeline to 15.20 minutes.

Our branch of the IPS really had a chance to shine just over the IQFOI registration desk.  Hanging from the balcony, you could see all 20 panels of our Cu Na Mara exhibit, displayed with great pride.  It looked absolutely fabulous.

Many of our members had a chance to volunteer at the IPS booth in the main hall...right next to the very tempting shops!

 All in all, it was a great day out.  A great chance to meet friends, take classes and browse the displays for inspiration.  We are already looking forward to 2013!

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  1. I was among the thousands of visitors and I enjoyed so much your warm welcome on the booth! I still have the green pin on my clothes...
    If it is of any interest for you, I have posted many pics on my blog :
    Sorry it is in French, but you can translate with the Google button on the right.
    Thanks for your huge work,
    Katell, France