26 June, 2011

Patchwork classes at SUAN on the Headford Rd. Galway

This year the Western Branch of the Irish Patchwork Society was contacted with a request to teach patchwork to residents of the SUAN community housing scheme on the Headford Road in Galway. This is a group of houses managed by COPE. There is a community room at the centre for community activities.

When the request came to the group, Sandlin and Margaret kindly volunteered to get involved and they provied 4 2hr classes over a period of 4 weeks. Thank you Margaret and Sandlin for getting involved at a time when you were both very busy with other projects for family, friends and an upcoming exhibition!

They taught the group to cut squares using templates and sew them together to make a nine patch. Borders were added to cover a 16ins cushion pad.
The squares were hand-pieced and the borders were machine-sewn using a sewing machine owned by the centre.

The group then learned how to quilt the block. The sewing machine was used again to add the back to the cushion.

All the work was completed in the class as participants did not want to work on them on their own.

The participants said they found the class to be one of the more enjoyable classes they've had in their centre, eventhough 5 of the 6 ladies were initially non-sewers!

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