14 May, 2011

Viewer's Choice Award at our recent Branch Exhibition

At our recent Branch Exhibition 'Branching Out' at the Galway City Museum we asked the public to vote for their favourite quilt in the exhibition. A lot of people commented they found this a difficult task as they liked so many quilts for different reasons. However, one quilt received the overall majority of votes and that was...

'Up the Garden Path' by Mogs McDonnell
Here Chairperson, Lynn Naughton, presents Mogs with a bundle of fabrics for her next stunning creation!

Mogs explained the quilt was made for her son Jimmy who is a writer, poet and great fan of Macnas and the Arts in general. On the back of the quilt are some Macnas-type masks and one of Jimmy's poems.

And here are some additional detailed photos of this wonderful quilt.


  1. Well deserved, Mogs. I LOVE this quilt..

  2. Wow Mogs - it´s gorgeous, great work!
    Breda H xx