08 November, 2010

Northern Quilters' Guild exhibition at Galway City Museum

The following photographs were provided by Johanna Tyrell who visited the exhibition of quilts by the Northern Quilters' Guild at the Galway City Museum. The textile works were all inspired by the paintings of Cecile Maguire.

Guild members photographed the artist Cecile Maguire and made a quilt of his image to complement the exhibition.

This quilt celebrates the men who cut and hewed Connemara marble.

This quilt of the Claddagh quay was made by eight different quilters and it is believed it will be donated to the Museum.

The painting that inspired each piece was shown along with some comments by each quilt-maker.

And the quilt inspired by "Knitters in the Sun" - "I'll niver lern!" was Johanna's favourite piece in the exhibition.

In the middle of the quilt is a knitted Aran sweater, showing different stitch patterns. It is bound all around with cable stitch.

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