01 August, 2010

September Workshop: Stitching on soluble fabric

The workshop planned for September, after our Summer break, is "Stitching on soluble fabric" with Ester Kiely. Here are some samples of how Ester has used soluble fabric in projects:

Detail from "Love Letters" where soluble fabric was used to create the stitched 'envelopes'.

A bowl created by trapping sheer fabrics between two layers of soluble fabric and free-machine embroidering using metallic and plain threads.

Miniature bowls created by stitching into soluble fabric with a variety of coloured threads. Vintage lace has been included to further embellish the one on the right.

Detail from "Jewelbox" a wall-hanging where 3D boxes were created by stitching onto soluble fabric.
Soluble fabric is easy to use and fun to experiment with. Once you master the basic steps of placing the fabric in a hoop and creating a grid with your free-machined stitches you are free to experiment and discover the potential for trapping threads and sheers, suspending pieces in a web of stitches, creating your own machine lace, stitched drawings, 3D objects, etc. This technique can also be used to create texured surfaces for your patchwork and quilting projects. The class is suitable for all skill levels.
For the class you will need:
  • your sewing machine (you do need to be able to drop the feed-dogs or cover them with the plate provided)
  • darning foot (this works best with a closed circular darning foot so that it does not catch in the thread)
  • selection of threads, sheer fabrics and snippets of interesting fabrics
  • embroidery hoop (some extras will be available to share on the day)
  • your usual sewing accessories (scissors, bobbins, pins, etc)
  • possibly some small bowls or other 3D shapes to use as moulds to shape your piece
  • soluble fabric (some will be available to buy on the day which will be sufficient for you to create 3 or 4 sample pieces of work)

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