08 May, 2010

May: Western Challenge Trophy presented to Johanna Tyrell

"Hearts for Ella" by Johanna Tyrell wins the Western Trophy Challenge.

Miriam Gogarty (Executive Chair of IPS), Johanna Tyrell (Western Trophy Challenge winner) and Veronika Feldmann (Chair of Western Branch of IPS).

Miriam Gogarty was invited as this year's judge for the Western Trophy Challenge at 'The West's Awake' exhibition in the Galway City Museum.

Miriam complimented everyone on the work displayed and the overall presentation of the exhibition. She also gave a special mention to a number of quilts in the exhibition, which she admired for a variety of reasons.

However, one quilt stood out for it's workmanship, choice of colours and the warmth of the sentiment inspiring its creation. With great pleasure Miriam and Veronika presented the award to Johanna Tyrell for her beautiful quilt 'Hearts for Ella'.

Congratulations Johanna from all your friends in the Western Branch!

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