26 February, 2010

February: Heritage Quilt Project Update

A group gathered in Barna recently to discuss the next steps in assembling the blocks for the Heritage quilt. A big thank you to Bernie for her wonderful hospitality and world famous apple-tart!
All the finished blocks were gathered and laid out for review. It was decided that a narrow strip of mid-tone grey will be added between each block. This will serve to frame each piece and give the viewer's eye a chance to rest and focus on the theme of each block.
The quilt is looking wonderful with a variety of styles and techniques displayed.
The group will come toghether once more before the next Branch meeting to cut the strips and trim the blocks.
Everyone who is available to stay after our Branch meeting on 13th March in the afternoon to work on assembling the quilt is most welcome! Bring your machine and be ready to stitch!
We're really looking forward to seeing all the hard work come together to make a quilt we will be proud to donate to the Galway City Museum.
A big thank you to to everyone who has helped so far and there's still time to add your stitches to this heritage quilt!


  1. Wow. This looks great. I think the grey border is a good idea.

  2. It's gorgeous! I agree--a grey border will really make each block POP!!

  3. This will be a wonderful work. I love it already!