13 December, 2009

Eyes down for Bingo!

How do you get a roomful of patchworkers interested in a game of bingo? Make the prize a huge collection of 'fat quarters' (a 22inch square of patchwork fabric). Everyone paid 1 'fat quarter' to play. Then we got a long list of names of patchwork blocks to chose our personal bingo card using 25 numbers. All eyes were down as the numbers were called. The winner got a huge bundle of 'fat quarters' and the loser got a few too just for being last!


  1. It looks like you girls had great fun, sorry I missed it. Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year. Look forward to seeing you all in January 2010.

  2. Sorry you couldn't make it. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and get some time to do some relaxing with fabric projects! See you in January